Idowa 100g

Idowa 100g
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Our Aromatherapy Botanical Candle contain three main essential oils;
Peppermint, It is great for encouraging mental clarity.
Rosemary, refreshing and stimulating for the mind, aiding concentration and improving memory.
And Lemon, peel of the fruit is uplifting and gently energising for the mind.

Our batch No 1 “Idowa” candle was created to soothe the mind and bring inner peace.

Our new botanical candle is lovingly hand crafted in sunny Dorset.
Our aim is to produce beautiful candles combining a variety of 100% natural essential oils, blended with warm vegetable based Soy wax, with aromatheraphy benefits.

Handpoured in small batches and packaged into our favourite reusable Weck jar with a glass lid to prevent dust from settling between lights.

Approximately 12hours burn time.
Jar size: 100g

Each of our candles are cured for 3 weeks to allow the essential oil to spread out into the wax evenly and provide the best scent throw possible.

100% vegan
Made with premium quality, cruelty free oils
Cotton and linen woven or wooden wicks
No dyes or colourants
Made from 100% natural plant based products.
Contains:hydrated soya oil and a unique plant based emulsifier.
Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil and Lemon peel Oil.

(Naturally contains Limonene, Citral, Linalool)